Walking for the Cure for Breast Cancer

Who We Walk For
For each of us who walk, who crew or who help in many other ways, we all have one thing in common: we do it out of honor, out of love for someone who has been affected by breast cancer. As I have grown more confident to engage in conversations with all these wonderful supporters and survivors so that I could ask, "Why are you here?", I'm continually touched by their stories. In honor of these wonderful people and those they walk for, I would be honored to post their name and relationship to you (if you'd like), so those that come to this site, may also honor.  For all of these special people, we honor you in with our participation, with our love.  It is for you that we walk for the cure.  To add their name, please write me at: WalkingForACure@WalkingForACure.info

Those We Honor:

  • From Jim, for my mom, Ruth Hillmann, who passed away on February 26, 2004
  • From Jim, for the Zoie, Erin and Christine, who lost her mom when she was only eight.
  • From Mark, for my wife, Christine Gross, who passed away on April 11, 2009
  • From Kerri, for my mom, Gina Salkin, a ten year survivor; to Paula Diaz who lost her fight on December 5, 2009 and to Doris Mates who was just diagnosed with breast cancer in March 2011.
  • From Julia, for her Aunt Pat who lost her life when Julia was only 14.

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