Walking for the Cure for Breast Cancer

Photos for a Cure!

We are excited to announce a new fundraiser in 2015, "Photos for a Cure!"  After some urging from some friends and family, I am hoping to raise funds through donations for my nature and outdoor photography.  As many know, photography is one of my passions and for several years I have raised funds through various photo shoots, including graduations, weddings and various sports activities. "Photos for a Cure" will use photos from my various shoots of nature, many while on training walks.

My plans are to offer many of my nature/outdoor photos in a 4x6, 5x7 or 8x10 format.  For a $25 donation per unique print (i.e., if you want two of the same print it would be a $25 donation and cost of print and shipping), plus cost of printing and shipping the print. I will keep all copyright privileges on the photo(s).

To order any photo(s), simply:

  1. Choose a photo(s) and the size you would like from one the links to follow.
  2. Email your choice to me ( WalkingForACure@WalkingForACure.info )
  3. I will confirm the print and shipping cost.
  4. Upon confirmation of the order from me, make your $25 donation to my SGK account and send me the cost for the print and shipping. ( 3-Day Donation to Jim )
  5. Upon receiving the donation and payment, I'll place the order and have it shipped directly to your preferred address.
The following are the photo size options and links to them:
Thank you very much for considering this fundraising option!  With your help, we will get one step closer to a cure!  Finally, the following are a few examples: