Walking for the Cure for Breast Cancer

"Everyone, this is my mom who was a wonderful mother and person to know.  Mom, these are all my friends who are supporting my walks, so that we can put an end to breast cancer so that others will not have to deal with it as you did!"

  This was a photo of Mom, Becky (wife) and my very young Mollie, our first child.  The photo was from the gymnasium at the smile base I worked at in England, where Mollie was born.

 Our family in San Jose at Christmas 1989, with our son Josh and my Dad.
Having returned to England in 1991, this was when Mom and Dad visited us in December 1992.
This was another photo from Christmas 1992, with the kids really starting to shoot up.  Both Mom and Dad loved to be with their grandchildren!
While living in England, we had a lot of places we liked to visit with my parents.  I loved the color of her jacket. PINK!!!
 This has always been one of my favorite photos with Mollie having a conversation and a sweet in Valley Gardens in Harrogate England.  This was definitely a beautiful summer day based on the short sleeve shirts. One of Mom's vices was ice cream and popcicles with her freezer always well stocked.
 Mom and Dad really liked to travel and go out to different dinner functions for the organizations they supported. Of course, Mom always looked super when out on the town!

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