Walking for the Cure for Breast Cancer

As our 2019 fundraising efforts begin, plans are coming together for multiple fundraisers.  Currently, two fundraisers are planned:

  • "$10 Towards a Healthier Life" - Nearly $4000 raised in its first four years!
  • 2019 Breast Cancer Awareness Coin and Pin
  • Recycling for the Cure - Begun in 2012 with over $30,000 raised to date!
  • Bunco Fundraiser and Raffle - Over $3000 raised on October 20, 2018!
  • Photo Shoots - Thousands raised since inception!
  • Oakland A's Game - $10,000+ raised since we began! Stay tuned for the 2019 date!

"$10 Towards a Healthier Life" - 2019 is Our Fifth Year for this Fundraiser!
Here’s the idea. Each month most of spend too much money on fancy coffees, fast food meals and the like.  I’m not asking you to stop doing that, all I’m asking is that you reduce it by $10 per month, which could be only one meal or a couple coffees with whip cream or the like. 

Now take that money and put it to a really great cause, helping those affected by breast cancer!!! The great thing, it has no impact to your budget as you are only using the money saved by not spending it on the noted items.  Each of you probably has their own food vice that they could cut back on a bit, so use this fundraiser as an incentive.

As one who knows about being asked for donations from a number of sources in economic times that are still difficult, I like this fundraiser as I believe it has little impact on one’s budget and also allows one to cutback a little on something that probably needs cutting back.  J

Our goal is to have 25 people commit to this for 2019 to raise $3000 by this time next year.  Please consider this idea to help those affected by breast cancer and contact me this month so that you can begin your contributions in January.  A great Christmas gift to me, and more importantly to those that would benefit from your commitment, would be to have at least 25 people committed to this by Christmas. If you are interested, please email me at:  


Bunco Party Fundraiser - October 2019 (TBD) - 1 to 4PM
Our 6th Annual Breast Cancer Awareness Month Bunco Party fundraiser on October 20th was a huge success!  With 32 participants, over $3000 was raised for our 2019 walks.  Traditionally the first fundraiser for the next year's walks, the 6th Annual Bunco Party was considered a great success as it gave our 2019 fundraising a great start.

Recycling for the Cure
The recycle fundraiser has been a huge success since we began in 2012, to the extent that we have now raised it "Recycling for the Cure" and it now has its own fundraising page!  For additional details on Recycling for the Cure and how you can participate.

Photo Shoot Fundraisers -
For those that don't know, photography is another passion for me, with some of my "spare" time being used for various types of photo shoots. I am happy to do both studio shoots, which I am always ready to shoot in my home studio, or I will also do location shoots for a small increase in price to cover travel expenses and time.  I have also shot sports events for parent's kids events, graduation photos, along with parties and anniversaries and even small weddings. My rates are reasonable, with nearly all charges being considered a donation and going directly to my SGK account.  If you are interested in receiving a great product for a reasonable cost with most of your monies going directly to my fundraising, please contact me at WalkingForACure@WalkingForACure.info 

Oakland A's Baseball Game -
As one of our mainstay fundraisers, we have a suite at an Oakland A's game where we get together as a fundraiser and for a great time to watch a game from one of the suites!  For 2017, we again have two suites, each with 18 tickets for a total of 36 tickets, with a pre-game celebration tailgate BBQ. Each ticket is $60, significantly less than what you would normally pay for a suite ticket.