Walking for the Cure for Breast Cancer

February 5, 2017 - Newsflash - The coins and pins have arrived and they look great!  Pre-orders went very quickly and we now have a limited number available.  If you wish to order a coin, pin or set, please do so quickly before they are no longer available.

 A very successful fundraiser since the 2011 3-day season, is our Breast Cancer Awareness coin and pin that my daughter, Mollie, designs and works with the mint to produce.  The coins, for those that geocache, are actually a geocoin, including a tracking number for those that want to place them in a cache. To date, more than two dozen are circulating around the United States in caches, each spreading a little breast cancer awareness!  Our goal is to have a new design each year, with the front side being similar for each year and the reverse/back side being based on one of the cities we walk in or a specific theme.  

The coin's front side has seven pink ribbons that circle the coin, each representing a 3-Day city. The border has the dedication to our mom and the comment to our ten-years participation as highlighted by the "ten" in the center. For the pin design, the dedication is removed.

On the back, we have highlighted memories that have touched our heart from the years of walking.  Around the border are the words, “Patience”, “Hope” and “Courage”, the three flags I carried for hundreds of miles, especially during 2011 and 2012. The Mother and Father flags represent our mother for whom we participate, while the father flag is dedicated to our number one supporter until his death while I was walking in Arizona in 2011.  The background flag represents the Memorial Flag that is raised during Opening Ceremony, with the letter “B”, representing Bridget Spence who battled cancer from 21 when it was discovered until her death shortly before her 30th birthday.  Her courage and optimism throughout her battle touched the hearts of so many. The partial tent shape represents the Remembrance Tent at camp, with its shape representing the slope of Belmont Hill, where I met Zoie on my 2011 Boston walk.  The pink ribbon on the tent is styled to represent the paths we walk. Finally, the icon above the tent represents a dragonfly. It is a dedication to a very special young man who passed away shortly before he was to participate in his first walk. “The Power of Noah” was his love for life and how he touched the hearts of many.

The coins are 1.75" in diameter and are offered in a silver or gold metal finish.  Each coin will have a geocoin tracking number on the edge so as to not obscure any of the design.  For a $25 donation, you can have either a gold or silver metal coin or for $10 one of the pins, gold or silver.  A coin and pin set is $30. For your $25 coin donation, $20 will go directly to Susan G. Komen 3-day for the cure to help fund research, education and other support for those affected by breast cancer.  For the $10 pin, $8 goes to Susan G. Komen 3-day. In addition, this is the first time we are offering two pin designs from the beginning of the pre-order process. The designs are based on the front and back of the coin.

The following are photos for the coins and pins:

2017 Breast Cancer Awareness Coin:

2017 Breast Cancer Awareness Pins - Two Options:

Option 1 - Front ("7-Ribbons") and Option 2 - Back ("Dragonfly and Flags")

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