Walking for the Cure for Breast Cancer

 A very successful fundraiser since the 2011 3-day season, is our Breast Cancer Awareness coin and pin that my daughter, Mollie, designs and works with the mint to produce.  The coins, for those that geocache, are actually a geocoin, including a tracking number for those that want to place them in a cache. To date, more than two dozen are circulating around the United States in caches, each spreading a little breast cancer awareness!  Our goal is to have a new design each year, with the front side being similar for each year and the reverse/back side being based on one of the cities we walk in or a specific theme.  

The 2019 coin is dedicated, as always, to our mom who lost her battle to breast cancer in 2004 and to all others we have lost to this relentless disease. With my diagnosis this past April 18th of having Smoldering Multiple Myeloma (SMM), we are also adding a touch of burgundy, the color associated with SMM. Although our focus with our fundraising will remain, for now, on breast cancer, our prayers are that a cure for one cancer will be the foundation for the cure for all cancers.  Therefore, not only are my walks dedicated to those dealing with breast cancer, my walks are dedicated to all who suffer from cancer.

For 2019, we have chosen a simple design, with the front being composed of multiple ribbons, with the colors transitioning from pink to burgundy.  The dedication to my mom is also on the front.  Finally, the front has the words, “For you give us hope”, special words I will never forget that were given to me by a Dallas survivor who spoke to what the 3-Day community means to her.


On the reverse, we have tried to capture a special moment following the monsoon-like second day of the 2018 San Diego 3-Day.  Following a cold day of constant, heavy, horizontal rain, the walkers returned to a camp with rivers where sidewalks were when we began the day and hundreds of tents flooded. As I walked to the dining tent, the clouds parted and a spectacular rainbow appeared in the sky. 

The coins are 1.75" in diameter and are offered in a silver or gold metal finish.  Each coin will have a geocoin tracking number on the edge so as to not obscure any of the design.  For a $25 donation, you can have either a gold or silver metal coin or for $10 one of the pins, gold or silver.  A coin and pin set is $30. For your $25 coin donation, $20 will go directly to Susan G. Komen 3-day for the cure to help fund research, education and other support for those affected by breast cancer.  For the $10 pin, $8 goes to Susan G. Komen 3-day. In addition, this is the first time we are offering two pin designs from the beginning of the pre-order process. The designs are based on the front and back of the coin.

The following is the artwork for this year's coins and pins:

2019 Breast Cancer Awareness Coin:

2019 Breast Cancer Awareness Pins - Two Options:

Option 1 - Front ("Ribbons") and Option 2 - Back ("Tents")

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