Walking for the Cure for Breast Cancer

Fundraising Ideas

As you can imagine, raising the necessary funds to walk in multiple events requires not only a large commitment on my part but also from my supporters.  There are many successful ways to raise money and to ask for contributions and we have our own.  However, since walking in all fourteen 2011 events, when we needed to raise $32,200, we found that the simplest fundraising idea is to simply ask people from the heart, explaining how we have seen first hand the difference donor's dollars have made in the lives of so many affected by breast cancer.  

For this reason, we are thankfully asking you to consider making a donation. For 2019, we are again setting our goals high with the goal to raise $20,000 or more. 

For 2019, we would ask that you consider helping through direct contributions to my account (3-Day Donation to Jim) or by hosting a fundraiser yourself.  The following are some ideas on how you can help raise funds to make a difference.

  • Host a party at your home that could either center around a nice meal or a game night. Many people have hosted game parties and have been quite successful where there is an entrance fee and donated prizes are given out.  When people understand what it is for, the entrance fee is not usually an issue.
  • Car washes are a great fundraiser and you can get everyone involved in this type of activity. Car washes can be performed by schools, churches, youth organizations and other organizations. Walmart, Kohls and Target  have community sponsorships where they will help with car washes and other fundraisers.
  • Check at your job for matching funds for any money you contribute. Even in these economically tough times, many companies still match employees charitable donations.  You won't know until you ask, so please ask!
  • Talk to your friends at work to start a fundraising jar where you can donate your coffee, snack and lunchtime money for a month.
  • For those in the San Francisco/Bay Area, please contact me for either location or studio photo shoots (my other passion).  If you are interested, let me know and we can set a date and time for the photo shoot.  My rates are very reasonable and all money goes directly to my account.
  • Go viral!  I know many of you are huge social networking types, whether it is Facebook, MySpace or other networking sites and forums.  If you believe in making a difference and helping, then tell your friends and get them excited about also making a difference.

Finally, since 2011, we have had a very successful fundraising campaign selling a custom designed Breast Cancer  Awareness coin and pin.  Coins and pins from 2011 to 2018 are still available for those that may want to fill in some coins and pins they didn't get before. For further information on the coins and pins.

If you have some fundraising ideas, let me know at WalkingForACure@WalkingForACure.info and I'll post them for others to take advantage. 

To Return to my SGK website to donate: 3-Day Donation to Jim